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Sugarland Weddings Statement of Policies

Chapel and Ceremony Policies

  • For any and all services provided, our contract is with the person named on said contract, regardless of who makes payment(s) for the ceremony or the reception. 
  • In the event of an act of God, technical error, or human error, Sugarland Weddings/Black Bear Inn & Suites assumes responsibility only up to the financial amount paid for the particular service.   
  • Arrival time to the chapel, ceremony time and departure time is strictly enforced to insure a stress free environment for each wedding scheduled the day of your ceremony.
  • An announcement stating no personal image devices are permitted on chapel grounds will be made prior to your ceremony.  Anyone not in compliance will result in a fee of $500.00 to the person noted on the contract.
  • No firearms are permitted on chapel or hotel grounds.
  • No food or drinks is permitted on chapel grounds.
  • Balances are due 15-days prior to the ceremony.  Unpaid balances will result in automatic cancellation.
  • You must provide a valid mailing address and two phone numbers to secure a contract.
  • Any damage to the chapel or hotel by anyone in attendance will be charged to your bill.  In the event that any of the hotel’s guests lodges a complaint against anyone in your wedding party for noise, damages, or misconduct, the hotel will charge your account for any loss of revenue to the hotel.   
  • Infractions of stated policies at any time will result in cancellation or refusal of service.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of the wedding’s cancellation, the deposit is refundable.  Services included in your package which have been prepaid by Sugarland Wedding Chapel and/or Black Bear Inn & Suites will not be refunded within your original deposit. 

In the event that you must reschedule your wedding you may do so for a fee of $100.00 providing that we receive notice, in writing, two weeks prior to the date of the ceremony.  Ceremonies may be rescheduled up to one year from the date of the original ceremony.  Package prices are subject to change based on time of service and only monies collected will apply to cost of the new ceremony.  Services included in your original package which have been prepaid by Sugarland Wedding Chapel and/or Black Bear Inn & Suites will not be refunded within your original package price.  A death in the immediate family, military deployment and other approved circumstances may be taken into consideration. 

Payment Policy

We accept all major credit cards and debit cards. Ceremonies are scheduled upon receipt of your deposit. You then may make payments up to 15 days prior to your wedding date, at which time payment in full must be received. Should you desire to schedule a wedding with less than 15 days to prepare, we must receive payment in full at the time of reservation.

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